Alliance Benefit Group

Health Plan Actuarial Services

Actuarial services in the past generally included only the actuarial certification necessary for the pension valuation.  The scope of actuarial services has changed dramatically over the years; as have the solutions offered by Alliance Benefit Group® .    

Alliance Benefit Group®  has successfully navigated this ever changing benefit environment by extending our actuarial services to cover a comprehensive range of health and welfare benefit plan actuarial needs including:      

Group Health Care Pricing

COBRA Calculations

Incurred But Not Reported (IBNR) Reserves

Taft Hartley Welfare Funding Reserve Sufficiency

MEWA Certification

Medicare Part D Certification

FAS 106 Post-retirement Benefits Valuation

GASB 43, GASB 45, and Other Post-employment Benefits

ABG®  also offers FAS 123 option pricing; actuarial testimony, and expert witness services. 

Alliance Benefit Group®  has experience and expertise in all areas requiring analytical solutions; not just the traditional actuarial science arena.  Using these skills we pride ourselves on finding the solution “right” for our clients.

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