Alliance Benefit Group

Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Consulting

Alliance Benefit Group®  can provide your company with the design, implementation, financing and administration of nonqualified deferred compensation programs.

We serve the executive benefit needs of key employees, directors and other highly-paid individuals and seek to find solutions to the following fundamental benefit challenges:

Correcting inefficiencies in existing nonqualified deferred compensation programs,

Creating management incentives,

Providing director benefits and,

Helping companies recruit, retain and reward management talent.

Alliance Benefit Group®  has experience and consulting expertise in multiple nonqualified benefit practice areas including:

Executive Benefit Plans Review            ERISA Excess Plans
Director Benefit Plans                          Review 401(k) Excess Plans
Replacement Ratio Analysis                Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans
Benefit Plan Financing Strategies         Salary Continuation Plans
Benefit Securitization Strategies           Life Insurance Plans
Benefit Plan Administrative Services     Director Plans
Acquisition Enhancement Strategy       Capital Accumulation/Deferral Plans

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