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Alliance Benefit Group, LLC (ABG) was formed by four regional employee benefit consulting and administration firms in 1992. Our founding principal was the formation of a national entity that would enable us to provide innovative, cost-effective employee benefit solutions for the small- to medium-size employer — allowing us to compete with the national players, yet emphasizing the “relationship value” of each client engagement.

We can help you capitalize on…

Our Collective Size

Collective development of innovative products and services

The economies-of-scale of group buying power

The building of a national brand

Alliance Benefit Group has grown to include 17 member firms, currently providing services to over 20,000 clients.

Local Service

Our ultimate goal is to establish 20 to 25 member firms strategically located throughout the continental United States in order to provide the requisite “local service” to our target market with each regional Licensee continuing to be individually owned and operated; however owning an interest in the national entity.

How We Work

Learn more about the benefits of becoming an Alliance Benefit Group Licensee.

Alliance Benefit Group Licensees have access to the entire Alliance Benefit Group® suite of products and services. Each Licensee pays a monthly license fee based on the products and/or services they use. The license fee supports the basic cost of Executive Forums, periodic staff training meetings, national contracting, and website maintenance. 

Alliance Benefit Group Licensees are eligible to become owners of Alliance Benefit Group, LLC. 

Licensee agreements establish exclusive market territories. The territory is defined by the Licensee subject to approval by Alliance Benefit Group, LLC. Exclusivity is contractually provided within 100 miles of the licensee’s primary office. Right of first refusal to establish additional ABG offices within the licensee’s territory gives additional marketing protection.

Who to Contact

Alliance Benefit Group Licensees must approve each new applicant. However, if you are interested in remaining an independent business owner while increasing revenue and profitability, contact Don Mackanos for immediate consideration:

Don Mackanos

President Alliance Benefit Group, LLC
(904) 610-4058
[email protected]

Learn more about the benefits of becoming an Alliance Benefit Group Licensee.