Our Values

Alliance Benefit Group is a well-established national network of independently owned employee benefit firms, recognized in the industry as a sign of high-quality consulting and administration services. Our growing network of offices are positioned to provide customized ABG® benefits administration, recordkeeping, investment consulting, health and welfare consulting, and employee communication services to plan sponsors within each office’s specific geographic area.

Our value proposition for employers lies in our four core fundamental principles.


We won’t attempt to “fit you in” to a pre-designed benefit plan or package; rather our consultative approach will customize an employee benefit solution that fits you and your people.


Alliance Benefit Group is not owned by an insurance company, bank, mutual fund company, or investment brokerage house. We have no proprietary products that we are charged to “sell” you. We are employee benefits professionals who work for YOU.

Fee Transparency

Compensation for our services will not be hidden, it will not be “under the table,” or even “in the shadows.” Fees for our services will be completely disclosed so that you can fulfill your ERISA legal responsibility of monitoring the fees and expenses of your employee benefits service providers.


Our service will not be delivered exclusively over an 800 phone number or website. Our goal is to become a trusted advisor or partner to both you and your employees. We believe this is the highest level of client relationship achievable. Trust, accountability, mutual support, truth, and effort are the crucial elements that foster a strong, long-term relationship.

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